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High performance buildings

These buildings are considered best value for money by some of the largest corporate clients in the region!

LEED buildings. USGBC BuildingsHesketh Services provides residential accommodation to corporate customers seeking an affordable alternative to rented accommodation for their lower and middle management tiers and to individuals seeking to commence or expand their rental portfolios.

Our buildings are often constructed to the customer's requirements. They are generally residential buildings containing a mixture of one and two-bedroom flats or studios. Each building is located on its own demarcated plot which is formally transferred to the customer at the conclusion of the contractual agreement.

These buildings are considered best value for money by some of the largest corporate clients in the region.

High performance buildingsThey are constructed as high performance buildings in accordance with the guidelines for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) which results in our buildings utilising at least 24% less electrical power and 30 % less domestic water than the reduced ASHRAE 90.1 2004 Base load and with a much enhanced indoor environmental quality contributing to the increased comfort, well being and health of the occupants.

Efficient building constructionThese performance criteria are verified by certified third parties under the International Performance and Measurement Protocol – January 2006.

You are therefore guaranteed to receive a building for which the Life Cycle costs are much reduced at no discernable increase in procurement cost.

In order to achieve these objectives we have put together a sustainable building co-operative.

Where the full design and delivery service is not required the co-operative can provide all elements of the process separately or in a combination of services that may suit a client’s or design team’s particular requirements.

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